Why NVR?

Over the past decade, NetVision Resources has built a solid reputation as a company committed to providing only the highest quality consulting services available. And no matter how big or small your organization or agency, we at NVR still treat you as a priority customer. With us, your objectives are not only in the best of hands, but also the most dedicated.

We work with our customers to enable them to leverage our IT expertise to achieve their business goals and propose the best value business solution to meet their unique requirements, rather than provide off the shelf packages. Our biggest success factor over the years has been our ability to meet every client’s specific needs at all levels of the engagement, be it status reporting, level of service, project management, and on-site, off-site or even off-shore and remote support. We work with you to design a service delivery model that best suits your organization’s requirements and work culture.

At NVR, no customer is too big or too small. Our speed of response, accessibility and quality of work are testament to this policy.

IT Service Provider NetVision Resources
We propose a delivery model that is best for your budget, requirements and objectives. We don’t. We would rather learn more about you, your business culture, the way things are done in your organization and then collaboratively create a custom delivery model to guarantee maximum benefits and yet minimal intrusion to your business.
We can provide services to you onsite, offsite or even offshore if needed. Been there, done that. We have also excelled in providing remote and in some cases on-demand services too.
Our customers are our strongest focus area. We strive to achieve best results in every project. We don’t have customer at all. And no projects either. All we have are clients whom we have long-term, strategic relationships with. Over 99% of them engage in repeat business with us.
We are capable of fulfilling all your business needs at the lowest cost. True "Best-value". We have traditionally gone beyond the letter of the contract of the Statement of Work. At no additional cost. And we offer a performance guarantee. One up!
We have a large pool of talented, skilled resources. Our stringent, 3-tier recruitment process results in a single-digit hiring ration. And when we don’t have a consultant who’s the best for your needs, we go out and find one. Always. But we never pass off someone who is not the best of the breed.
We are in the business of providing the best-value service in every customer project. In every egagement, we take ownership of the client’s goals. Your objective is our mission statement.