Software QA and Testing

Address, solve, and rectify both anticipated and unexpected challenges.

NVR’s comprehensive Software Quality Assurance and Testing services are designed for small-, mid- and large-sized businesses that want to optimize their product output. Our QA team can claim over 95% bug-free testing tickets because we work with your team from the start of the software development life cycle, and do not come in cold merely as a short-term curative.

Our dynamic technical talent provides end-to-end suite of cost-effective and customized testing solutions to solve and rectify any anticipated and unexpected challenges the software might throw up. Our methodology comprises a customized testing program that controls, coordinates, and tracks:
  • Use Cases and Test Cases
  • Unit, Module and System Testing
  • Profiling
  • Regression testing

We go beyond QA and Testing to offer Independent Verification & Validation solutions to help your IT team discern solutions that are independent of the software development process.

Our Software QA and Testing services include: