Big Data Analytics

Harness your Big Data effectively. React optimally to changing patterns.

The convergence of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and IoT technologies can be boon or bane, depending on how enterprises harness the enormous amount of data it creates. Within this generated information lie actionable insights that can be extremely valuable to an organization’s success.

More than tools and platforms, enterprises need skillful and expert consulting to effectively align their Big Data Analytics initiatives with their business goals — and that’s what NVR offers.
NVR delivers Big Data Analytics expertise to help enterprises simplify, automate, and accelerate data preparation, analysis, and visualization—notwithstanding data origin, variability, volume, and velocity. We help automate analysis of vast amounts of data to surface unknown connections, inferences, and deductions for improved decision making.

Our Big Data Analytics practice covers:

Predictive Analysis

Enterprises that aim to proactively anticipate trends, predict demands, and mitigate risks should use more than descriptive model and diagnostic model. Understanding what happened and finding out why it happened is not enough. Today, enterprises need the ability to see what is happening—in near real time—and be able to act quickly and accordingly. To enable enterprises to do it, NVR offers Predictive Analysis solutions.

Leveraging our Predictive Analysis solutions, we enable our clients to:

Spark new innovations

Boost revenues

Gain competitive advantage

Anticipate trends

Understand customers

Enhance business performance

Drive strategic decision making

Predict customer and market behavior

Ensure security

Detect fraud

Proactively mitigate risks